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Best options to Sell Your Scrap Moped

Mopeds are unique in their own way. They are small, lightweight, and easy to store and use. Their low capacity engines have a great fuel economy. But like any other material thing, they get old over time and require to be sold or scrapped.
Options available for selling a moped
One has many options when it comes to selling a moped. They may sell their mopeds to their friends or relatives, but they might be transferring the issues along with the ownership of the mopeds to the buyers. An old moped may be sold to a buyer but they may negotiate and there could be chances of the sale price being lower and unfair. Lastly, the moped may also be vended to a scrapping company. If you own a moped that is over the hill, it might be better to scrap it than keeping it in your garage forever.
Why scrap a moped?
There are numerous reasons that may prompt you to scrap your moped. The moped may not meet the emission norms and safety standards set by the Ministry of Transport. In this case, it will be illegal to driving it on the road without any clearance certificate. Another reason may be it was damaged in an accident and so might be impossible or expensive to repair. There may also be a lack of spare parts or dedicated service stations for your moped. Or, it may be too old to use and now you don’t need it anymore.
Scrapmybike for selling scrap mopeds
A few reasons why Scrapmybike is the best option to sell your scrap moped are listed here.
• If your bike has not been awarded an MOT certificate, which is required to use it, Scrapmybike will still accept your moped for scrap. This certification is not required for scrapping the bike.
• For a moped that has been badly damaged in an accident, Scrapmybike still gives the owner the option of selling it at the best possible price. Whether the bike has suffered minor damage or is unrepairable, Scrapmybike will buy it in any conditions.
• Those mopeds that do not start because they have not been serviced, have not been maintained well, have not been taken out for years or have developed some form of malfunction that cannot not be diagnosed or might be quite expensive to repair, all of them will be purchased by Scrapmybike and their owners will be reimbursed for the same.
• You may have a moped that might be a few months, a few years or even over a decade old. Irrespective of the age of the moped, Scrapmybike will buy it.
• Scrapmybike gives a fair evaluation of mopeds before buying them. There is no commitment required for selling a bike on the owner’s part after their bike has been evaluated. The mopeds are instantly evaluated at the premises of the owner. Thus, there is no need to carry the bike around for getting it evaluated. If they like the price, they can sell the bike instantly.
• Another reason for scrapping your mopped to Scrapmybike is the convenience they offer. The transportation of the bike is undertaken by Scrapmybike. Proper paperwork for transfer of ownership is also handled and the amount is paid in full before the bike is towed away for scrapping by Scrapmybike.
For scrapping your moped, visit Scrapmybike today.


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