MOT Failures For Scrapping

Why the used Motorbike You Plan On Buying Could Fail its MOT Test

A lot of motorcycle enthusiasts try to own a motorbike immediately after passing their motorcycle test. Since new bikes are expensive, a majority of them may choose to buy a used bike to save some money. This is actually a good idea if you can find a good hand-me-down motorbike that you can use during the restricted period after getting your license. Also, the money you save on this purchase can contribute to purchase a more powerful machine when you’re given the go-ahead to explore riding on the roads. But there’s one catch; if you’re not cautious about your second-hand motorbike that you buy, it could fail the MOT test.

MOT failures with used motorbikes are nothing new in the motorcycle industry. Most of the new buyers of second-hand machines may be in a hurry to purchase a machine that they have failed to research sufficiently before making their purchase. Most of these newly bought second-hand motorbikes in fact end up being sold to companies like within months or even weeks after purchase.

What Do You Do with a Motorbike That Has Failed MOT Tests?
A common mistake made by the new buyers of used motorbikes is failing to check the market value of the potential motorbike. Unless you’re willing to take your time to make a few online searches to find out the value of the bike, you’ll obviously risk purchasing a bike deemed an MOT failure.

For any motorbike lover, MOT failures can be devastating. The failures mean you will have to spend extra cash on repairs to make it roadworthy. If you have purchased a motorcycle that is more than 3 years old and without an MOT certificate, MOT failures may even mean crucial workings, like engine replacement.
Sometimes the cost of repairs for a motorcycle that has been declared not-roadworthy is not worth it and so it is wiser to purchase another bike. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer 100% loss for the investment you made on the second-hand motorbike. You can simply sell it to and get compensation that you can combine with some of your savings to purchase a brand-new machine.

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