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Tips and Tricks for Selling an Old Motorcycle

Selling an old motorbike is never a pleasant experience. Bikes are one of those things we hold dear to us. And if you have had yours for years, made lots of memories together and gone through a lot with it, you also hold sentimental value to it.

Perhaps you are compelled to sell motorcycle because it has become rusty and you keep spending a lot of money on repairs, or maybe you just want to ride the latest and newest bike. If it’s too old and rusty, it may be hard to get an individual buyer in Medway who will offer you good cash. But you can sell it to that scrap old bikes and cars. If your bike is still in a good condition and can pass an MOT test, you can use the following tips and tricks to close a deal on it within the shortest time possible.

Prepping Your Old Motorbike

In order to sell motorcycle in the shortest time period, you should first prep it. This basically means you should repair the broken parts so that it’s in good shape. The truth is even buyers of old motorcycles are not looking for broken bikes because they will have to invest a lot of money for fixing it.They want something presentable and functioning. Make sure the lights and brakes are in good working condition, and if possible the engine is also good.

Decide If It’s Scrap

There are motorcycles that are not worth salvaging for sale. If your bike has been in the garage or on your lawn for months and can’t be jumpstarted, the parts are old and rusty, you may be better off selling it to Sometimes dismantling the parts of the bike might also give you more money than selling it in whole.

List Your Bike for Sale

After getting your old bike clean and fixed, you are ready to start advertising it physically or on online sites. First, you should take some pictures of your bike. Ensure that the photos are taken in a well-lit background and are as clear as possible. The pictures should highlight some of the parts that are dented. You could even do a small video with you in action.

The next thing is to describe your bike in the most understandable words. Your description should have the technical details, the size of the bike, and basically everything one might need to know about it. Don’t be too vague in the description but also don’t overhype it.

Use Flyers, Social Media, Craig’s List, and Bike shops

There are straightforward ways of selling your old motorcycle, like taking it to a bike shop, or distributing flyers at your place of work or in college. If most of your social media followers are motorbike fans, you may find it easy to flip your ride there. But if everything else fails, you may want to sell it directly to will more than likely get the price that you were expecting, you will get quick cash for an urgent project or to buy that new bike and they will pick up from Medway


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