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A Practical Guide to Selling a Used Motorcycle Online

After months of reading online reviews, trying out bikes at demos, and skipping meals to save as much as you can, you finally feel ready to swap your old motorcycle for a new one. Your plan all along was to save cash and then sell your old Motorbike for additional cash to get the latest motorcycle to catch everyone’s attention. So how should you go about selling your old bike to some unsuspecting newbie?

Be Practical About the Value of Your Motorcycle

People often set outrageous prices for their used motorcycles. We understand that you bought your 2001 Suzuki Katana for £2,000 in 2005, and you recently spent more money getting a new engine and brake pedals for it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that the motorcycle you’re selling is old. If you really want to sell motorbike, you must set a realistic price for it.

When setting your bike’s price, consider how old it is, and the condition of its parts and components. Even if you have a vintage motorcycle, you won’t get much for it if you have been using it for years. To avoid being frustrated, go onto online buying sites like eBay and see what similar models of used bikes like yours are selling at. is there to give you a slightly higher or slightly lower offer depending on several factors,such as if your bike can pass an MOT test. They will do a free valuation and then come up with the best offer for you.

Let Go of Your Bike

It’s never easy to sell motorbike that has been part of your life for years. Your bike never let you down during those cold winter morning, and you have always jumped on it to as a sense of escapism. Sadly, no one else cares about the sentimental value you have for your bike. Soon, the next lucky buyer will be making new memories with it. Sell your bike fast at where they can pick it up for you from Maidstone to make it easy to say goodbye.

Do an Honest Assessment of the Condition of Your Bike

Sometimes, what you consider as a tiny scratch on your motorbike will be looked at as a huge dent by another buyer. Get others opinions about the condition of your bike so that you can honestly value it. When you have done an honest and thorough assessment of your bike on your own, you won’t be shocked or disappointed with the offer will offer you after doing their own independent assessment.

Decide Where You Want to Sell Your Bike

After inspecting every nook and cranny, taking hundreds of pictures of your bike, and taking your last ride on it, you are now ready to sell motorbike. There are lots of websites that you can post pictures on with details of your bike, and you can even advertise it on your social media account. But if you don’t want the hassle and prefer the same amount of cash quickly then you can simply contact as they give the best offers for used motorcycles and We Buy Any Motorcycle


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MOT Failures

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Accidental Damage

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