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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Used Motorbike?

Even those of us with “the coolest motorcycles” have our own bike dreams. When we want to escape from our boring days, we sit on our bikes and imagine riding our dream motorcycles and exploring new locations. All motorcycle riders can agree on one thing; our fondest memories with motorcycles or our dreams don’t involve battling with icy roads or riding in freezing temperatures. Yet, most savvy riders consider the two weeks before and after Christmas the best time of the year to buy a bike.

• Consider Selling Your Bike in Winter

While buys used motorcycles at any time of the year, statistics show that many bike enthusiasts consider winter as the best time to buy a new motorbike. The reason is pretty simple, prices of used motorbikes tend to drop in winter. The prices begin to reduce from September, increased drops are seen in October and the best bargain prices can be found in November and December. But in January, prices begin to go up again. Most savvy sellers keep themselves updated on the time when the prices will rise. Smart sellers, however, know that there are platforms like where they don’t have to wait for a certain season in the year to sell their bikes.

• Should You Sell Your Bike During This “Off Peak Season?

An off-peak season for bike buyers does not mean that it’s the best time to sell motorcycle. The fact that motorcycle prices are the cheapest in winter means that you are likely to fetch very low prices by selling your bike directly to an individual buyer. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you will get more profits selling to an independent company during winter. You can then use the money to buy your dream motorcycle during this off-time period. That’s what is called a win-win situation. In fact, will also give you recommendations on the type of motorcycle to buy from the proceeds of your sale. It is actually recommended that you save the money from your bike sale and buy a three-year-old bike or newer at a good price in spring.

• Selling to a Professional Dealer Is Stress-Free

Selling a used motorcycle can be stressful, especially if you haven’t prepared your paperwork. Most people are not willing to buy a motorbike that will cost them alot in repairs or one that they won’t get a MOT. It is easy to sell motorcycle to a reputable dealer that won’t require much from you. At, your motorcycle will be valuated and you will be offered a reasonable price based on its conditions. If you are comfortable with the buying price offered, you can simply sign the sale papers. Then your bike will be collected from where it is and the money will be sent directly to your bank account. Not only will this save you from the stress of organizing advertising for the bike and looking for a buyer, but it will also give you instant cash to start shopping for your dream bike.


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