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Sell Your Motorbike Rather Than Repairing It

A motorbike is a prized possession for every owner. It gives them a sense of thrill and freedom that is unique and pleasing. Every motorbike requires regular maintenance and repairs whenever necessary for its upkeep and to perform with maximum efficiency.
However, there may be times when repairing the bike might be unsuitable and so selling it might be the best option.
• Ineligibility for MOT
Before a motorbike can be driven on the road, it will require clearance and registration certificate which will be issued by the Ministry of Transport. For this certificate, the motorbike will have to meet the emission norms and safety standards that are laid down by the authority. An old and unusable bike might not be able to meet these standards.
The transport authority bodies also update these norms and standards regularly. The motorbike might had been designed to meet the standards in effect when it was manufactured and so may not qualify the new or updated requirements. It will result in rejection of the motorbike by the Ministry of Transport. As the bike cannot be used on the road, it will only be lying around as a piece of junk; so it is best for the owner to sell it.
• Extensively Damaged Bikes
A bike may have been damaged quite badly due to an accident. The extent of the damage might be so extensive that it may be impossible to restore and refurbish the bike to its original shape. There may be an impact on the structural integrity of the bike, leading to safety concerns. The handling of the bike may be impaired and it might be difficult to control it. Such a bike may be unsafe to use and hence should not be plied on road. There is no point of repairing an extensively damaged bike and so selling it is a better option.
• Performance Issues
Due to age and regular use, a motorbike may develop performance issues. There might be a decline in the mileage of the bike, resulting in lowered fuel economy and high running costs. Performance of the bike may also suffer with it, exhibiting diminished pickup and reduced top speeds. This may take the fun out of riding the bike. Repairing the bike may also not improve its performance significantly. An inefficient and underperforming motorbike is not something a person wants to boast about and getting a new bike might be the order of the day. In such a case, it is best to sell the old motorbike and to use the money for a new one.
• Expensive and Unfeasible repairs
A motorbike may have many issues regarding its repair. The bike may be of an old model and availability of spare parts for it may be scarce. Lack of people who have an expertise in repairing the model may also be a problem. There may not be dedicated service stations or garages for servicing or repairing the bike. Sometimes, the repairing of the bike may cost the owner a huge amount of money and it might be better to sell it off.
Thus, if one is facing any problems with their bikes that are similar to above, selling the motorbike might be a better idea than getting it repaired.


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