Old Bikes For Scrapping

Choosing the right company that takes old bikes for scrapping

A bike is a cherished possession and it comes with its own charm. Motorbikes are designed to last only for a fixed number of years and the standards that might have been used while designing the bike may become outdated. If a person owns a bike that is way past its best, it might be best to sell these old bikes for scrapping. There are different companies that may buy your old bike for scrapping. Choosing the right company comes down to a few basic factors.

For individuals who are looking to sell their old bikes for scrapping, the convenience factor while choosing the right company plays a significant role. A company that will take the responsibility for the transportation of the bike making the selling process easier for the owner may be selected. Some of the companies may even pick up the bike from the doorstep of the owner. Another factor that can make the selling of a bike trouble-free is handling of the paperwork. If a scrapping company will undertake the paperwork and formalities that are involved in transfer of the ownership of the bike, it will be the first preference of a person.

Condition of a bike that a company will accept it in
A scrapping company may have a few specifications laid down regarding their acceptance of an old bike for scrapping. A person maybe scrapping a bike for different reasons that may include, MOT failure, the bike being very old, unrepairable bike or even a bike that may be damaged in accident. Some of the companies may accept bikes regardless of the condition the bikes are in while other companies may not be as welcoming. A company may reject bikes that might have been damaged extensively in an accident and might be in fragments. MOT failed bikes may also not be accepted for scrapping. It is best to choose a company that willingly accepts a bike regardless of its condition.

Evaluation of the bike and amount paid
Different companies have distinct methods for evaluating bikes. Some companies may reduce the value of a bike based on some criterion while others may not. While choosing the right company to sell old bikes for scrapping, a person may opt for the one that will pay the maximum amount for buying the bike.

Time required to pay for the bikes
Once owners sell their old bikes for scrapping, the company that has bought these bikes will have to reimburse the owner. The time that companies take to transfer the money to the owner will be different based on the mode of payment that the company will use and the processing time that they will take. A company that pays the owner at the time of handing over of the bike or within a short and acceptable span of time may be chosen by a bike owner looking to sell their bike for scrap. If the mode of payment used by the company is of the owner’s choosing, the company will score extra points for their service with the bike sellers.
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