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Dangers Of Vietnamese Restored Vespas and Lambrettas

The popularity of scooters has soared in recent years: they’re easy to ride, cheap to tax and insure, you can park them anywhere and they’re an easy way of weaving through gridlocked traffic. However, many buyers want a status symbol and opt for the charms and cool factor of Italian designed Vespas and Lambrettas. The […]

Scrap My Bike

Scrap My Bike

What’s Involved In A Motorbike MoT? Just like any other vehicle, a motorbike needs to pass an annual MoT so it can be ridden legally on the road. An MoT involves checking and testing the components of a motorbike to ensure that it is performing properly and is safe to ride. So what exactly happens […]

Sell My Damaged Motorbike

Sell My Damaged Motorbike

Motorcycling Hazards During The Winter Driving in winter conditions can be dangerous, so imagine tackling the road on a motorbike. Many fair weather motorcyclists store away their motorbikes over the winter period, and with good reason. Riding your bike in the winter is not very pleasant, but above all, you’re more at risk of having […]


Reasons To Scrap Your Motorbike

Reasons To Scrap Your Motorbike Your local motorbike dealer doesn’t want to know, no one has answered your newspaper advertisement and ebay is showing zero viewings, leaving you complaining “I can’t sell my bike!” So what’s the answer? Leave it to rust away in the garage, or even worse, on the driveway? Here are some good […]


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